Hand Trolley

Hand-Trolley-For-Moving-Large-PotsLifting and moving large or heavy plant pots and bagged plants in nurseries usually involves with risks of getting musculoskeletal injuries. The best solution for this is to use a hand trolley to handle the job.

What is a hand trolley for nursery?

A nursery hand trolley is one of the more common plant handling pieces of equipment. It is used for lifting and moving trees with various sizes of pots (especially for large pots) easily in nursery operations.

By using a hand trolley, heavy pots or bags are levered or slid onto the trolley without the staff lifting and placing the plants. At the same time, pots and bags can be wheeled to the the location they are required, so the worker doesn’t have to carry them.

Why choose C-Mac’s hand trolley?

Hand-Trolley-For-Moving-Potted-TreesTo withstand the rigours of daily use by labourers in a commercial nursery, C-Mac’s hand trollys are specially designed for the purpose and are made from heavy duty galvanised steel (Australian Made). No more wear and tear on moving potted trees, save labour costs, improve operational efficiency and minimise strains.

There are 3 types of hand trolleys available at C-Mac include:

Hand Trolley For Moving Potted Trees

Hand Trolley For Moving Potted Trees

Trolley support plate slides under the pot or bag. When the surface is loose, different wheels and tyres can be selected and fitted to the trolley.

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Hand Trolley For Moving Large Pots

Hand Trolley For Moving Large Pots

Designed to fit under the lip of a pot, so there is no need to move the pot onto the base plate of the trolley.

  • Designed to move large pots; custom made sizes available for different pot diameters.
  • Heavy duty painted steel construction
  • Pneumatic wheels for eazy maneuverability on any type of surface
  • Loop arms can be added for lifting bags with loops

Tree Trolley - 45 Litre Bag

  • Designed to move large mature trees.Tree Trolley - 45 Litre Bag
  • Ideal for transporting or moving potted trees into or out of display areas on this plant trolley.
  • Custom made sizes available for different bag sizes.
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel and painted steel construction.
  • Pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvrability on any type of surface.


"Combination Bag & Pot” Trolley

Hand-Trolley-in-Nursery.jpg Hand-Trolley-with-Potted-Tree.jpg Hand-Trolley-with-Potted-Plant.jpg

Suitable for up to 400mm diameter pots. The design is very good especially in respect to the ratio of the curve which allows the teeth to move back and up to suit different sized pot and bags.

Bags can also be lifted by hooking the bag lifting handles onto the height adjustable lifting bracket.

Free standing trolley, stands vertical by itself.

260mm diameter x 85mm wide pneumatic tires, makes moving the plants around easier.

Read our blog about how this product was developed in collaboration with two nurseries. See https://www.cmac.com.au/news/story-how-innovative-bag-and-pot-trolley-developed

Ideal for lifting large 20 litre bags with trees


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