Quick Sander

1,500 Sandbags an hour with only 2 operators! 

  • Quick sander

    Multi-purpose material handling
    attachment for your tip truck
  • Use with sand, hot or cold asphalt, woodchip, mulch, gravel, salt, stock feed, dirt etc.
  • Fill sand bags, backfill trenches, feed curbing machines, spill containment, road repairs
  • Double sided operation


  • Tray Capacity – approx. 1.2 cubic metres
  • Dimensions – 2.4mwide x 1m high x 0.5m deep
  • Portable and Flexible
    • The Quicksander quickly and easily mounts and dismounts to standard tip truck bodies. After your truck is equipped with the supplied  mounting brackets and hydraulic power is supplied, the unit can be put on or taken off in 30 minutes.
  • Highest fill speed available
    • The operator sits comfortably at one end of the two loading chutes. As a sandbag is brought up to the orange hopper the loading bar is raised which turns on the conveyor loading sand into the bag at a rate of 2 seconds per fill. The Quicksander has two independently operated stations.
  • Productivity plus versatility
    • Do road shouldering work, sanding spills, hot or cold asphalt patching. Use the optional extension chute to backfill trenches, load asphalt or curbing machines. Woodchip, mulch, gravel, salt, stock feed, dirt etc. can be bagged or off-loaded efficiently. Carry out HAZMAT spill containment and water diversion channels quickly.
  • Dependable full time power
    • Two high speed electro-hydraulic drive motors ensure maximum at all times. This dual power assures that both conveyors constantly feed sand to the plastic chutes.
  • Rugged construction
    • The filling chutes are constructed of high density polyethylene plastic that resists impacts and cracking, they won’t dent, rust or corrode. The two independently powered conveyor belts are constructed of heavy, reinforced industrial grade rubber rated to accommodate hot asphalt. A patented lip seal between the conveyor belt and conveyor body prevents spillage and greatly extends belt life.

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