Quality Management and WH&S

C-Mac Code of Compliance

Compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (the code) and the Australian Government Implementation Guidelines reissued June 2006. Workplace Relations Act 1996 (The WR Act)

C-Mac pays employees in accordance with the "Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award" and does not require a Fairwork Building and Construction (FWBC) letter to demonstrate Building Code 2013 compliance for working on government sites and government contracts. Customers may rely on this link to FWBC fact sheet to demonstrate that a letter is not required.

Quality Statement

C-Mac management’s statement regarding quality is an extension of our Business Mission Policy in that we ……

“ through our diversification, versatility, integrity, and quality of workmanship & service, supply competitively priced products and services that we can be proud of and that further enhance our good reputation. All products and services have, and will in the future, fulfill or exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.”

This will be maintained by continuous change and improvements to products, equipment, facilities, training and management systems by continuous review and involvement of all staff.

Quality Policy

On going maintenance statement

Each Manager is responsible for the documentation, implementation and integration of the requirements of written procedures and practices into their normal working methods. The Managers will ensure that such   methods are clearly defined and understood to achieve an organised systematic approach to activities that affect the Quality of the products, services and management systems of C-Mac

A regular review of the Quality System by the Quality Management Representative and staff ensures that the Quality Policy, objectives, and operating philosophy remains valid thus ensuring that changing customer or regulatory requirements are reflected in the operation of the Quality System.

Since the Company Manual documents the Quality Policy and operating approach of C-Mac to the management of the quality of its products, services and management systems, it will be used in the training of employees and as an aid during induction of new employees. Regular internal auditing is viewed as continuous updating of training for staff in company policies and procedures.

Quality Assurance Certification

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

Registration Number: 355

Certification Date: 13th December 1996

Recertification Date: 12 December 2017

Quality System Certificate of Registration.pdf

Schedule to Registration QA Certificate.pdf

Quality Management System 20 Year Milestone Award (This award is granted in recognition of the efforts this organisation has made in the management of their Quality System over the past 20 years)

Work Health & Safety Policy

The Health & Safety Policy of C-Mac Industries (Aust). Pty Ltd. is to protect employees and others at our workplace from work-caused injury and ill health and strive to comply with all relevant safety legislation.

C-Mac’s management team will be responsible for all health and safety on all projects and any persons working under their control and will ensure that the necessary instruction, training and resources are   budgeted.

C-Mac’s supervisors, and all persons directing the work of others, will actively take steps to identify hazards which could cause harm to any person in their area of control and take prompt action.

C-Mac’s employees will take care of their health & safety and that of their fellow workers. They will report all hazards and injuries or ill health caused by work.

All management and staff will consult on safety matters of significance.

This policy will be maintained by continuous change & improvements to work premises, work practices, plant & equipment, hazardous substances, manual handling techniques and the general working environment by ongoing inspections, review and involvement of all staff.

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