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Growing vegetables and flowers or trees during the summer months in Australia has always been difficult. This is due to high temperatures, high water needs of the plants, weeds, insects, diseases and sometimes long periods of rain.

Normally a propogated plant would be moved out from a production area to an area with 70 or 80% shade, after a period there it would be moved to an area with 30% shade and thereafter into the full sun.

What is a shade house?

Big_Shade_house_with_benchesA shade house is for maximum growing of indoor, shade loving plants (as opposed to full sun in a greenhouse/Glasshouse/Hot House) as well as for raising seedlings.

A shade house is a structure which usually consists of a metal frame that supports shade cloth - a type of screen that provides some passive environmental control e.g.shading the plants from excessive sunlight and wind.

In warmer climates shade houses are useful for growing a range of plants that grow well in cool to temperte regions but do not cope with the amount of hot direct sun. In a cold snap, more elaborate shade houses can be heated to prevent frost damage to the plants.

Which plants need to be grown in a shade house?

Research has proven that optimal shading conditions are affecting significantly on the growth aspect for many species of plants.

Shade house is ideal for growing:

  1. Fruits and vegetables: eg. tomatoes
  2. Tree seedlings
  3. Hydroponic produce
  4. Shade loving (cut) flowers: ferns, azaleas and orchids
  5. Rainforest plants: gingers, monstera, philodendrons and cunjevois
  6. Frost/Heat sensitive plants: fuchsias, impatiens and begonias
  7. Other nursery plants that need to harden off

Why use a shade house?

Shade houses are important in plant production and gaining maximum growth, allowing plants time to acclimatize to outdoor conditions. There are a number of benefits in using a shade house:-


  • Protect plants from wind, hail and pests
  • Protect plants from extreme hot weather
  • Protect plants which are cold or frost sensitive over winter

Improve growth

  • Propagate new plants
  • Grow tropical plants in cooler climates
  • Increase yields and quality. The result of a healthier root system
  • Improve space: Using multi-tier/layer shelves in a shade house
  • Grow vegetables, cut flowers or berry fruits out of season, or faster than might be achieved outside.

Save in costs

  • Considerable savings in operation costs (energy, irrigation, spraying, etc.)
  • Labor cost: Better work environment increases work efficiency

Increase safety

  • Plant disease suppression
  • Avoid workers exposing to severe weather conditions

Why use C-Mac Shade House?

Shade-Cloth-CoverHigh Quality

  • Australian manufactured over the last 40 years (proven performance).
  • Strong and sturdy construction.
  • No sharp edges or protrusions to damage valuable shade covers.
  • Frame is spaced off ground for extended life.
  • Made from heavy duty galvanized tube frames (galvanized internally and externally).


  • Supplied in D.I.Y. kit form.
  • Precision made patented joints which simply socket together.
  • Easy to assemble with 3D instructions – no bolts or clamps.
  • Shade House Kits available in gable roof, flat roof and Lean-to.
  • Large range of Benches Kits available for shade house benching - using the same materials and construction methods.

Spare Parts Availability

  • All your purchasing details are saved in system
  • We can provide you with spare parts for easy & prompt part replacement
  • Replacement parts are still available for product over 46 years old


Shade-house-frame-cloth-tubeTube Frame

  • Heavy duty galvanized tube frames - 25.4mm diameter x 1.6mm (Galvanized internally and externally)
  • Galvanised Tube has a long life – not ultra violet light affected like plastics.
  • Galvanised Tube is impervious to white ant attack

Shade Cloth

  • 50% Green Shade Cloth
  • Extra strong knitted shade cloth
  • U.V. stabilised horticultural shadecloth fabric
  • Top quality knitted shade cloth covers with individual removable panels
  • Covers simply tie to frame using plastic cable ties providing a smooth clean finish.


  • Shade-cloth-with-EyeletsStandard lockable hinged door located centrally on end wall
  • High door openings: 2.1 metre
  • Easy access: doors swing in or out.


  • 450mm long extension legs for concreting into uneven ground

Replacement parts

  • Correct Fit: Customers can re-fit themselves (No tradesman required)
  • Identifiable: Part easily identifiable by the assembly drawings
  • Cost Efficiency: Shipment cost and replacement parts are cost efficient

Customers_shade_house_after_2_years     Shade Houses     Shade-house-with-shelve

Orchids on 3 Tiered benching in shade house     Spring Shade House with proud owner  Benching-in-shade-house

How easy is it to assemble C-Mac's Shade house?     

The video was originally produced by our customer Charlotte Webb from Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens in Bowral. The BIG Shade house construction is done by their volunteers.  

Why choose C-Mac’s “Spring” Shade House?

"I cannot speak highly enough of Suzi, Aaron and the team at C-Mac Industries. They pulled out all the stops to fill our order for a shade house and benching at the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens. They readily understood our special needs as a garden still in the early stages of development.

The products are of the highest quality and were supplied in kit form with easy-to-understand instructions. Our team of volunteers soon proved that the shade house and benches were indeed easy to install. C-Mac Industries ticked all the boxes"

----- Charlotte Webb from Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens in Bowral NSW 2576


"My C-Mac shade house has made looking after the many different orchids in my collection much easier. The benches are a good width and height and the various parts of the shade house fitted together well and the completed structure feels solid."

----- Barbara Simcock (Orchid Hobbyist at Kurrajong)

(She is the proud owner of a newly assembled 2.4 × 4.8 metre “Spring Shade House” with 3 Tier “Spring Benching.”)


Shade Houses

2 and 3 Tier “Spring Benching” with Shade Cloth Cover

Spring Benching & Shade House Maintenance.pdf

Shade house "Size & Price List“

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Other nursery equipment such as Shade house benching, Trailer, Pot lifter which also reduce risk of getting injury and increase work efficiency are also available.

My C-Mac shade house has made looking after the many different orchids in my collection much easier.   The benches are a good width and height and the various parts of the shade house fitted together well and the completed structure feels solid.

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