Workers Co-operatives


Seven (7) Principles of Workers Co-operatives. Why C-Mac decided to become a co-operative and reference to recent reports, their findings and outstanding benefits...

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Co-op lifecycle biz Model

Co-operative Lifecycle Business Model

Dr Anthony Jensen, University of Newcastle, Australia (a world leader and practitioner specialising in employee owned businesses & business ethics) presented this model...

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Business transfer to staff

business transfer to employees legacy.jpg

Transfer of a business is common, but what wil happen to your legacy? Selling your business to your employees has many benefits and this article covers it well...

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C-Mac Co-op Rules


The C-Mac Co-operative rules were adapted from the model rules for a distributing co-operative under the Co-operatives National Law and Co-operatives National Regulations... 

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C-Mac Co-op Story (PR)


How the staff took over the 50-year old company? C-Mac, the first worker’s co-operative under the new Australian legislation, delivering to the company’s 30 staff a direct financial stake and...

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Registration Certificate


C-Mac Industries (Aust) Co-operative Limited (Co-operative Number NSWC32546) registered as a Co-operative & incorporated under the above Law on on 29th of May 2017...

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Would you like to learn what C-Mac Industries Co-operative are working through to transform the business into a "High Performing Workers Co-operative"?

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