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Are you a nursery, horticulture and gardening worker, hobbyist or enthusiast? Do you want to share your knowledge and expertise in nursery and gardening? Then here is a guest blogging opportunity with C-Mac.

C-Mac is providing an amazing opportunity for guest writers. By submitting your work to C-Mac, you will be able to build your writing portfolio. In the same way, you can educate C-Mac’s audience about nursery, horticulture and gardening via submitting guest blog posts to us. C-Mac is willing to help upcoming writers and emerging businesses to grow. Contribute your valuable content by following the guideline below

Guideline To Follow

Before submitting, feel free to look at C-Mac’s published articles to have insights into their writing style. Below are some detailed guidelines to follow.

  • Content quality – Writers should submit high-quality articles with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Original article – C-Mac only accepts contents that are original and not previously published anywhere else. You can use a plagiarism checker tool to detect copyright or any duplicate contents.
  • Topics to cover – C-Mac accepts contents with topics that include nursery, horticulture and gardening. Your draft topics should cover the ones that haven’t been published on C-Mac’s website
  • Content-type – Writers must submit educational and informative contents that are relevant to C-Mac’s audience.
  • Recommended word count - Article must be 1000 words or more.
  • Language style – Content should be in business style (not too formal or conversational). It should match C-Mac’s blog post language style. For reference, please check C-Mac’s previous blog posts.
  • Formatting – Content should be readable. Writers can use headings, subheadings, bulleted or numbered lists to make the article easier to read.
  • External links – Include sources, facts and/or research to justify statements, insights and arguments. External links should not be less than 5. You can have 1 do-follow link linking back to your website, but the link destination needs to be relevant to the anchor text you use in your guest blog post (e.g. In your guest blog post draft, you are going to link back to an educational blog post on own website).
  • Internal links – Link to C-Mac’s published blog posts when it is appropriate
  • Images/Videos – C-Mac can provide images/videos for the guest blog post. Writers can also supply images but it should have no copyright issues.
  • Article edits – C-Mac owns all the rights to edit content including text, links, use or not use copyright issue-free images, etc.

How to submit

For queries and guest blog post drafts submission for approval, please submit the form below and we will get back to you at the earliest possible time.