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Breakdown Maintenance

Break down maintenance to be done

When machine breakdowns occur, the lost income could be tremendous and it can amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, because worn equipment can damage other parts and cause multiple damage.

Breakdown Maintenance is when precision components fail and then addressing the issue after the fact. It involves the repair or   replacement of equipment and components after they have failed.    Breakdown Maintenance avoids the costs associated with inspections and   pre-emptive repair.
During the period of breakdown time, income   reduces dramatically due to the production interruption, so it is very   important to have some spare parts in stock for replacement purpose.

Why use C-Mac Breakdown Maintenance Service

  • Specialist Expertise and Skills
    With OVER40   YEARS Breakdown Maintenance Experience, we can identify and rectify   faults, defects or problems in the machinery components/equipment parts.
  • Emergency Breakdown Service
    C-Mac's dedicated   staff always put customers first, and solve their problems by   manufacturing the components regularly, within the same day when   emergency breakdowns happen.
  • Short Lead Time
    Our Metal Fabrication   Specialists and Design Engineers & Draftsman are all in house, as   well as the advanced CNC Machinery, making sure that every job is done   in a very short turnaround time
  • High Quality Jobs
    As a Quality Assured and   reliable company, our customers have kept coming back to us because they   have known that their jobs are in safe hands.
  • Commit to Customers Satisfaction
    Every Employee   at C-Mac shares in the ownership status and we strive to provide the   world class customer service from responding to your inquiry to deliver   the products as you want them and on time.

Have an issue in Breakdown Maintenance? Contact us on 02 9631 6000 to make an enquiry OR

Our Breakdown Maintenance Experts will tailor a solution to suit you. FREE Onsite Inspection can be booked by appointment.

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Component or Part Repair

Machine Component Repair

Component Repair is one of C-Macs' Maintenance Services. Your   unserviceable components can be returned to C-Mac for repair and/or   overhauled in our repair workshops. C-Mac uses well established and   proven work procedures to ensure a proper working component suitable for   reuse is supplied.

High technology repair processes:

  • Hard Chroming, Metal Spraying
  • CNC Machining
  • Specialised Welding - internal and external
  • Wire cutting for hardened materials

Why Choose C-Mac for Component Repair

  • Short Lead time in Reconditioning

    With 47 + Years of expertise in maintenance repair knowledge, usage experience and latest OEM component technology, C-Mac can repair and refurbish most unserviceable or worn-out components in a guaranteed removal & installation time, resulting in optimal uptime.
  • Quality in workmanship

    As a quality assured company in Sydney, the highly skilled maintenance engineers and the advanced   CNC equipment make sure that our job quality is commendable.
  • Excellent in Customer Service

    No up-front investment in expensive components required if the old components can be repaired! C-Mac always puts our customers first and strives to provide customers with repaired components as good or better than the original resulting in the optimal component operational life.

If you have any component repair issues then contact us on 02 9631 6000 to make an enquiry OR

Experienced and skilled Maintenance Engineers provide FREE Consultancy, FREE Quote and FREE onsite inspection if need.

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General Machinery/Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance

Since many components can fail at any time, maintenance staff must be ready to do many different types of repairs in-house.

It involves maintaining the stock of replacement parts for any   crical piece of equipment onsite, as well as any other   miscellaneous general onsite maintenance work.

At C-Mac, we solve all your maintenance support problems with a   unique solution by providing a Fitter & Machinist tradesmen along   with a complete manufacturing and design facility as an immediate   resource for your maintenance managers.

Case Study

A processing plant had part-time maintenance staff retiring. C-Mac offered to provide a single Fitter & Machinist on an “On-Call” basis. That single Fitter had the full resources of C-Mac to immediately support him:

  • Machine workshop with advanced equipment and 10 tradesmen – Fitter Machinists and a toolmaker  "On-Call"
  • Gear cutting workshop; "On-Call"
  • Sheet metal fabrication workshop with 14 staff – boilermakers,   fitter welders, sheet metal workers, labourers and apprentices;   "On-Call"
  • Project Engineer (specializing in materials handling & Lean Manufacturing) "On-Call"
  • Design Engineer and Draftsman; "On-Call"
  • Administration support staff. "On-Call"

Basically, the customer has a full Engineering Department "on call" to repair, prevent and solve all their engineering needs.

Management no longer has to worry about having an engineering department and the associated costs in their business structure.


  1. Request a tradesman once per month to visit your facility and fix up   all those annoying WH&S issues you have identified through Risk   Accessments.
  2. If the project is too big, or complex for a single tradesman, know   that he has “On-call” immediately, a fully equipped and staffed design,   engineering and fabrication facility.
  3. Have you implemented Lean Manufacturing and having trouble finding   time and know how to do those production improvements, and need designed   proposals and good investment returns? Our Project Engineer is very   experienced in materials handling and is trained in lean techniques.

Contact us on 02 9631 6000 to arrange an appointment to discuss and tailor a maintenance solution for your business OR

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