C-Mac is part of Oscar Academy Awards, USA 2016

Posted by Aaron Chen on

In the popular Mad Max Movie “Fury Road” which is a Oscar Winner, the fuel tanker that was centre stage throughout the whole movie was partly manufactured by C-Mac back in March 2010. Keeping it all hush, hush until the movie was released was adhered to by all staff. Several mock tanks were fabricated with the walk ways on top and delivered to a secure location in Western Sydney.

C-Mac supplied 4 only round tanks 1500mm x 8000mm long and 2 only oval tanks 2400mm x 1400mm x 4500mm long. The tanks were made to look like fuel tankers complete with support stands running their full length. The oval tanks also had combing running the full length of the tops to make them look like actual fuel tanks.

It is interesting and keeps us all at the top of our game with the variety and interesting requests we get from customers.

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