ATV Tipping Nursery & Garden Trailer



C-Mac ATV Tipping Nusery & Garden Hobby Trailer is the latest development and innovation in 2016. It has been designed specifically to be towed behind ATVs (All Terrian Vehicles),tractors, electric vehicles and motor bikes.

The trailer is lightweight and well balanced, easily manoeuvred by hand and pushed around the yard.


The tipping trailer can be ideally used by:

1.  Gardener
2.  Handyman
3.  Retreats
4.  Councils
5.  Schools
6.  Lawnmowing contractors
7.  Hobby farmers
8.  Bush track maintenance staff

9.  Landscapers
10. Farms, vineyards, nurseries, gardens and orchids and many more


Why Choose C-Mac's ATV Tipping Nursery & Garden Trailers?


  • Tipping is an easy operation
  • Pivoting and Removable tailgate at front and back
  • Comes in a flat pack to minimise freighting costs and is easy to assemble 

 Hobby_Trailer_3.jpg ATV-Hobby-Trailers-Tipping.jpg


  • DIMENSIONS: 1500mm long X 950mm wide X 450mm height
  • 500 kg carrying capacity
  • ATV Wheels: 22X10-10
  • Optional couplings either a ball or pin & clevis (see image below)


See Below for the drawing of the trailer:

ATV-TippingTrailer---Drawing-1.jpg ATV-TippingTrailer_Drawing-2.jpg

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