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Posted by Aaron Chen on

On behalf of the WSABE Organising Committee, our sponsors and the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce I am writing to congratulate you on being a finalist in the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence 2012.

Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence 2012A gala presentation event on Thursday 11 October at the Waterview in Bicentennial Park will announce the winners of each category. C-Mac is in the category "Excellence in Manufacturing".

Unfortunitly C-Mac didn't win. The organisers are saying there was a record number of applications this year. A great result just to become a finalist.

C-Mac booked a table (10) and invited the young promising men and their partners, the future leaders – all under 30 years of age. The C-Mac management team were happy to sacrifice the night to give the young guns an opportunity to see big business on a big night.

Just as well C-Mac didn’t win because the youthful enthusiasm would have been embarrassing amounst all the grey power!

The Western Sydney Awards in Business Excellence is a celebration of business in Western Sydney - our state's economic power house. Finalists and award winners deserve a wide audience to recognise and acclaim their amaizing achievements.

The gala evening affords business people across all Eastern Sydney the opportunity to acknowledge their peers, clients and colleaques at a high profile event supported by state and local government as well as the business community.

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