Co-op Responsibilities & Decision Making

There is a lot of misconception about worker co-operatives like too many people making decisions, how does everyone agree, who is the boss?

A workers co-operative runs in very similar ways to a normal company with a Board, Management Team, Members or share holder meetings with a Staff Committee or staff council added.

Decisions do take a little longer to make, but when made everyone has ownership and makes it work.

The Board is responsible to the General Assembly of co-op members.

The GM or CEO is responsible to the Board and has his Management Team which runs the business on a day to day basis following the companies set objectives & strategies and keeping to the budget.

The Staff Committee has elected representatives who are not members of the management team. An elected staff council member participates on the Board.

The below charts shows C-Mac’s Management Structure and Responsibilities

PDF – Network Governance Model Member Participation

Would you like to know the role of C-Mac’s Co-operatives General Manager?

Click here to get "Job Description in C-Mac's Company Manual – General Manager  of Co-op"

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