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C-Mac has been very proactive to date and has addressed many environmental issues

C-Mac minimised carbon consumption by:

  • negotiated electricity contract
  • Installed skylights in roof and walls
  • Digital high bay lighting throughout both factories with light sensors turning lights on and off automatically depending on light intensity from the sun.
  • Roof ventillation - changes air in factories every 2.5 hrs
  • Power timers on zip heaters, fridges, water bubblers etc
  • Light timer switches on meal rooms and toilet areas
  • Power is turned off/on in controlled manner manually to reduce power spikes
  • Tinted office and factory windows
  • Window shades and blinds for offices
  • Planted shade trees for offices
  • Roofs of factories and offices ahave been painted white to reflect heat
  • KPI measured monthly: kva units consumed per operator hour worked.

C-Mac protects our environment by:  

  • Any spillages on site drains to a central underground catchment tank
  • Roof abestos has been encapulated to minimise airborn particles

C-Mac saves our world's resources by:

  • Spot welding water is recycled
  • Rainwater tank on factory
  • Sorts and recycles all steel scrap metal
  • Separate and recycle all paper and cardboard
  • Reuse one sided A4 paper documents for incoming faxes and internal printing
  • Redesigning standard products to reduce wastage
  • Scan and store drawings to customer computer files

This is an ongoing improvement process in all areas of manufacture with changes in culture and habits of staff.


C-Mac aims to create a culture of sustainability:

  • for the business longgivity and business opportunities
  • our products - less materials and energy demands and a reduction in waste
  • our environment by reducing C-Mac's footprint on the earth
  • we work in engineering but we also produce horticultural equipment so green life can be grown easily.

C-Mac is also support local charity.

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