1. Do you manufacture products or import?
Nearly everything on this website is made by C‐Mac’s tradesmen and apprentices.

2. Can C‐Mac repair or replace this worn out item or broken piece of machinery?
Yes, if not, we can make a new item and if required, design it better so it doesn’t break again.

3. Does C‐Mac do one off small jobs for the general public and small business?
Yes, this is how C‐Mac has grown over the years.

4. What value range of jobs, projects or tenders does C‐Mac do?
Anything from $100 (minimum charge) to over $500,000 projects.

5. Do I have to deal with a salesman?
No, you deal directly with the C‐Mac staff member (Tradesman or Engineer) who is responsible for your job or project.

6. What grades of material and thicknesses does C‐Mac work in?
Sheetmetal: ‐ Most common is mild steel, zinc anneal, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper and brass. BHP sections and tube. Generally C‐Mac profile cuts, fold & shapes, roll and welds up to 20mm in‐house.
Engineering: ‐ Free machining carbon steels, Incolloys, plastics, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze, a range of alloy steels, aluminum, castings and forgings. Plastics, felt and synthetic materials including urethane and rubber.

7. Does C‐Mac staff come out on site and provide breakdown repair service anywhere in Australia?
Yes, we have a range of experienced staff and is prepared to travel.

8. Can someone come out and speak to me? Also do you provide free advice, quotations or tenders?
Yes, staff have permission to jump into a company car whenever a customer requests a visit. Advice and quotes are a free service. With quotation submissions C‐Mac also provides 3D drawings of the project when required. CMac also works on a “Do & Charge” hourly rate for over 50% of customers.

9. How quick can you do my job?
10 to15 jobs are completed every day. C‐Mac’s average delivery time is 3.1/2 days.

10. Does C‐Mac notify me when my job is ready for pickup or dispatch?
Yes, every job no matter what size, customers are notified immediately once the job is completed and the C‐Mac staff record the date and who they spoke to on C‐Mac’s Job Traveler.

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