C-Mac Co-operative Rules

Manufacturing Workers Co-operatives rules are its most important document. The rules describe the way it operates and fulfills its obligations to the co-op members, and is a contract with its members to obey the rules.

Not all co-operatives have the same rules due to different activities and membership requirements. Co-ops can be either distributing or non-distributing. Model Rules can be obtained from NSW Fair Trading then modified to suit your circumstances.

Note: In Australia uniform Laws have been introduced, however, each state is responsible for administration of these laws.

Once the rules are registered they can only be changed by special resolution passed by the members and then registered with the Registrar (NSW Fair Trading)

To register a co-operative:

  1. Prepare draft Rules
  2. Prepare a Disclosure Statement for “Distributing Co-operatives" for prospective members.
  3. Hold a Formation Meeting
  4. Apply to register your co-operative

NSW Fair Trading has an informative website which tells you how to do all the above in detail.


  • About Co-operatives
  • Registering Co-operatives
  • Running co-operatives

Click here for C-Mac's Manufacturing Workers Co-operative Rules - NSW Fair Tradings Model Rules were adapted to suit C-Mac’s situation and staffs requirements.

Note: some sections have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

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