Customer Advisory - Coronavirus

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Dear Customer,

The coronavirus outbreak has triggered a number of emergency measures across China and other countries that have affected shipping. As a result, domestic and international carriers have cancelled flights in and out of China and Hong Kong. Ocean shipments have been held up by port congestion, terminal closures and other delays related to attempts to control the outbreak.

Please be aware that:

  • Disruptions to inbound and outbound air and ocean cargo shipments, trucking and rail cargo services are likely to persist as the coronavirus crisis unfolds.
  • C-Mac is continuously monitoring developments and working with customers to expedite their shipments in the face of port/airport access delays, driver shortages, additional documentation requirements, by-appointment-only customer clearance and other issues.

Please contact C-Mac or Account Representative for information about potential delays, cancellations and shipping alternatives.

Contact information C-Mac is found by clicking Contact at the top right of the homepage at You can also call us on (02) 9631 6000 and we can further assist you.


Steve Grlyak
Business Development Manager
C-Mac Industries Co-operative Ltd
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