New Product Released: Pot & Bag Trolley

Posted by Aaron Chen on

Idea first conceived on a Growers & Allied Nursury Traders trip to Victoria in 2016.


A fellow traveler on the bus mentions they have a very good pot trolley that needs some modifications to make it ideal for the Australian Nursery Industry. Then says “it’s a shame it’s not made in Australia".


An exchange of photographs and emails got a prototype underway with the suggested modifications.


Tested at a local nursery for 6 months. A few more modifications made and then 20 manufactured.
Another Australian Made product made for Australian conditions.

Hand-Trolley-in-Nursery.jpg Hand-Trolley-with-Potted-Tree.jpg Hand-Trolley-with-Potted-Plant.jpg

See more details on the Newly Released Product "Pot & Bag Trolley", please click here
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