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C-Mac Industries is the exclusive reseller/sales agent for Da Ros in Australia. Da Ros is the leading manufacturer of Horticultural & Nursery Machinery in Italy and has an established track record for over 25 years.

Partnering up only  with reputable manufacturers who are selling their porudcts worldwide, Da Ros has been producing many different types of machines which range from Destackers, Labeling Machines, Soil Supply Machines,Tray Fillers, Seeding Machines,Transplanters, Potting Machines, Transport Conveyors, Tray Washer, Watering Booms and Trimmers. Da Ros also provides bespoke design products that cover most of their customers' needs.

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The machines that C-Mac is currently reselling are highly specialized advanced automated equipment for the horticulture and nurseries industry (Please scroll down to explore the details and click on the link to see individual product). Don't miss out the opportunity to work with C-Mac who is the Australian leading horticulture and nursery equipment and machineries manufacturer with a proven track record for over 50 years (We have a vision that mechanisation and automation is the future of Horticulture and Nursery Industries in Australia)

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Equipment for destacking trays (shuttle trays) and placing pots into the shuttle tray ready for seeding or use on a transplanting line. Destackers are also capable of destacking shuttle trays and placing pots into the shuttle tray with a staggered pot configuration. Another use of a destacker is for labeling your pots or trays then having them re stacked........[Click here to see details]

labelling machinesLabeling Machines

Labeling machines apply labels to pots when destacking or alternatively when passing on a transport conveyor belt. Touch screen for input of text and bar codes for labels. (No computer required). Printers for making labels for manual application also available........[Click here to see details]

Soil Supply Machinery

Soil Supply MachinesWith the Big Bale Bunker, bales of peat can be loaded, broken and peat control fed into receiving hoppers on transplanting lines, potting machines etc. Watering and fertilizer dosing can be added as accessories to the Big Bale Bunker.

Peat soil mixers for mixing in fertilizer, polystyrene, perlite, pumice, and expanded clay. Mixers can come with watering nozzles, wheels, manual and auto unloading.......[Click here to see details]

Tray Fillers

Tray FillersFilling polystyrene trays, plastic trays, thermo formed trays, and pots in shuttle trays including cell sized trays can be adopted to the Da Ros tray fillers. With mechanical or electronic speed adjustment for filling and conveyor speeds. Compaction or vibration can regulate the compaction density of media in the trays. Spillage of media is tightly controlled by a rotating brush, recovery soil conveyor and masking perforated belts.

To avoid unnecessary handling or storage, destackers, transplanters, seeding line, watering tunnels and other Da Ros equipment can also be attached to build up a fully automatic line production line........[Click here to see details]

Seeding MachinesSeeding Machines

Semi-automatic and automatic placement of many varieties of seeds either naked, coated or pelleted into trays and pots. Seeders, also can have as an attachment fixed or rotating dibblers for making holes to place single or multiple seeds in the holes. Other options also include vermiculite coverage of seeds, watering and stacking.

Double sowing heads can be provided for staggered seed placement.......[Click here to see details]



Transplant seedlings into trays. Electronically controlled fingers remove young plants from cells or trays and place them into pots or trays. Various combinations from 2 to 16 gripper heads in a transplanter. Transplanting depth, plant height, orientation and side ways pickup can all be controlled without having to stop the machine. These machines can be connected to a tray filler, potting machinery, watering tunnel or even a tray re-orientation station to twist the trays around on the conveyor belt.

Manual pricking out and cuttings - semi-automation with dibbling plate and a transport conveyor can be used to put holes in trays for manual placement of young shoots, cuttings or cells. Manual and electric plug removers are used for removing young plants from their trays or cells for manual planting into pots or trays.......[Click here to see details]

Quick sanderPotting Machines

Automation for filling various sized pots e.g.80mm to 400mm diameter with potting media. Features include single or multiple filling heads, pot rotating tables, vibrating tables for media compaction, spilt or excess soil return, pot transport conveyors, plant hole drilling/dibbling head, fertilizer dosing, manual or automatic pot dispersion, pot de-stackers for square or round pots, pot take off conveyors are all options on the different potting machine models.......[Click here to see details]

Rotary TableRotary Table

Rotary table is used for ccumulating pots and other nursery materials. By using a rotatry table, conveyor and potting machine do not have to be stopped. Hence, higer production rate could be achieved. Da Ros rotary table comes with stardard size, it can aslo be custom made to mee your specfic requirement......[Click here to see details].

Bag SealersTransport Conveyors

Move your pots or trays around. Light weight, self driven with belt widths from 100 – 700 mm wide and up to 6 metres long. Mobile or fixed with height adjustable stands. Variable speed control and self tensioning belt. Options include 90 degree diverting corners for pots and trays, pot spacing and conveyor end sensor. Rolling or static conveyors and manual multiple forked pot lifters available......[Click here to see details]

Bag FlattenerTray Washer

Washing of trays and crates and can come with options for a destacker and drying fans. Mobil for easy storage.  As an option disinfectant spray can be applied on exit from washer. Dirty water is filtered and recycled and only needs changing each day......[Click here to see details]

Valve Bagging/Filling MachineWatering Booms

Modular aluminium structure reduces bending and hangs independently from the green house structure i.e doesn’t rely on green house structure for support. Quiet running and has touch screen control panel.......[Click here to see details]

Horticultural & Nursery TrimmerTrimmer

Plant or Vegetable Trimmer for trimming onions, celery, fennel, salads that are grown in trays......[Click here to see details]

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To know more about Da Ros Automation Products, Click here to request a catalogue

Contact us on 02 9631 6000 to make an enquiry OR Click here for discussion & FREE Quotation

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