Industrial 3D Printing Service

C-Mac Industries Co-operative is specialising in Industrial 3d printing service in Sydney. Our advantage is not only short lead time, but also quality workmanship with high accuracy. 

Industrial 3D printing provides new opportunities for different industry sectors to enable easier and faster prototyping. It gives them the ability to create designs that are way too difficult to produce with the traditional subtractive manufacturing method. It also allows manufacturers to build high-quality products rapidly.

Various industries use 3D printing for different reasons and applications. Some of them utilise 3D printing to verify a design, customise or replace parts, improve visuals and test products etc.

What can 3D printing produce

Industrial 3D printing is being used in different industries to produce jigs and fixtures, end-use parts, concept models and visualisation aids.

1. Jigs and fixtures

Using 3D printing to produce jigs and fixtures allows manufacturers to improve the production efficiency and quality of products. Jigs and fixtures are used to hold a part in place for different uses which include assembly, machining and quality control.

Prototype-scaled-model-of-a-solar-panel-array2. End-use parts

3D printing is utilised to produce end-use parts for field test runs and low-volume production. There are many possibilities wherein parts are well-suited for end-use applications. Some examples of these include internal components, brackets, chassis, simple mechanisms and manifolds, etc.

3. Concept models

Concept models are used to show a close representation of the product. It also gives opportunity for engineers to spot early faults on the design before mass production. Using 3D printing for concept models is cost effective especially for industries such as architecture.

4. Visualisation aids

3D parts can be used for visualisation aids to eliminate doubt by holding a physical object. Users will be able to produce a tangible representation of a certain material. For instance, 3D printed internal organs of a human is used by teachers to effectively explain the topic to students.


 Applications of Industrial 3D printing

Nowadays, industrial 3D printing is utilised in various business sectors. Below are some of the industries where 3D printing is widely used.

  • Architecture and Construction Industry

When it comes to architecture and construction, industrial 3D printing is used to produce detailed models of buildings. Architects used to rely on CAD software to design structures, but with the help of 3D printing, it is now possible to convert CAD files into 3D printable files.

In this way, architects and engineers can easily modify 3D structures and test the market potential. Some benefits of 3D printing in architecture and construction industry include reduction of material waste and creation of innovative shapes and structures.

  • Medical/Healthcare Industry

Additive manufacturing is an useful method in the medical and healthcare industry. Nowadays, there are already some patients who have a number of 3D printed organs implanted inside them. Another example is the application of knee and shoulder joint replacements patients.

Apart from this, doctors can use 3D prototypes to effectively communicate with patients using tangible models. Customised parts can also be produced to meet any requirement. In other words, using 3D printing in the medical industry is progressing rapidly today and become more and more popular.

  • Aerospace/Aviation Industry

Aerospace/Aviation is one of the industries that takes industrial 3D printing as an advantage. This is because additive manufacturing allows engineers to create customised 3d parts that are impossible to build using the traditional methods.

With the help of additive manufacturing (3d printing), engineers can quickly create, test and verify a design before investing in mass production. They can also validate whether a product will work in the real world. It also reduces the time for product development.

  • Entertainment Industry

These days, filmmakers are more focused on using CGI rather than real objects. This is because using CGI is an inexpensive method to produce extraordinary images. However, they started to realise that mixing real objects and CGI is the best way to create a realistic movie.

When it comes to entertainment, 3D printing has changed the way props, movie sets and costumes are built. Moreover, fan clubs and movie studios have utilised 3D printing to create merchandises such as action figures and other collectables.

  • Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, using 3D printing enables fashion designers to create new styles and unique shapes. It also allows them to produce innovative, customised and cheaper clothes. Designers can even try an actual product for testing purpose.

  • Education Industry

With additive manufacturing, teachers can effectively demonstrate and teach students certain concepts that are difficult to explain. Educators will also be able to use three-dimensional parts that can be used as effective learning aids.

Using 3D printed objects such as human brain, planets, etc. can capture the students’ attention and help them learn easily. It also encourages students with hands-on learning especially for subjects such as Science.

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