Engineering Maintenance

Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown MaintenanceA worn out component or part can cause a whole piece of machinery to break down. When it happens, the whole production line stops. CNC machining of a new replacement component urgently is needed as well as a quality replacement part that you know will not cause further damage at a latter date.

C-Mac has numerous specialist and experienced staff with breakdown skills specialising in CNC precision engineering, reverse engineering, re-engineering, product engineering, 3D design in-house draftsman, gearcutter as well as sheetmetal fabrication and welding specialist all at the one location. This enables us to provide you a emergency breakdown service very quickly. C-Mac can manufacture new components for you within the same day when a critical emgergency breakdown happens......[Click here to see details]

Component or Part Repair

Component or Part RepairUnservicebale parts can be sent to C-Mac's engineering workshop for repair and overhaul. With over 50 years of experience and various advanced CNC machinery at hand, C-Mac's machinists are able to repaire and refurbish worn-out parts in a short lead time. The new components can usually be re-engineered to gain a higher quality to ensure a optimal life time of use. Using the latest OEM parts technology, we sovle your component issues with guaranteed results......[Click here to see details]

General Machinery/Equipment Maintenance

General Machinery/Equipment MaintenanceReplacement parts in stock must be maintained to a certain number and general onsite maintenance work must be carried out on machines to prevent emergency break downs. When full time maintenance staff are no longer needed or the maintenance team is too busy, C-Mac can help. We provide a fitter, a machinist trademan, a complete manufacturing and design facility for your company. A team with different expertise and many years of experience, "on-call" and ready to solve your maintenance out sourcing problems......[Click here to see details]

Need any (emergency) engineering maintanence service that minimise the downtime of your machines? C-Mac's Experienced Component Engineers can help!

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